What is Fairbourne Moving Forward?

Fairbourne: Moving Forward is a multi-agency project that addresses the complex issues identified throughout the journey of the community over the next 40 years, drawing upon expertise and knowledge from a range of organisations including Gwynedd Council, YGC, Natural Resource Wales, Welsh Government, Royal Haskoning DHV, North Wales Regional Emergency Planning Group, the Emergency Services, Welsh Water and the local community. There is a clear need for this broad based approach, taking a long term perspective.

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The project is based on certain core principles:
  • In the future it will not be sustainable to defend Fairbourne in terms of flood defence. The best estimate at present is that this point occurs in 40 to 50 years’ time (2052 – 2062). The range of uncertainty is considered to be between 2042 and 2072. This is based on the initial estimate of critical sea level rise of 0.5m.
  • Not withstanding the above uncertainty, the Project Board, in discussion with the community, has set an intent to maintain defence to the village for a period of 40 years (with a base date of 2014). This period will be reviewed taking into account information developed as part of the project.
It is intended, through the project, to manage this process of change so that:
  • The community remains a viable community over a period of sustainability, providing a secure place to live
  • Individuals within the community are not disadvantaged and are treated equitably
  • Businesses within the community continue to thrive, without constraining future change
  • The basic infrastructure and services are maintained
  • Fairbourne continues to contribute to the sustainable economic development of Gwynedd
These principles are taken forward in the expectation of, and anticipating, longer term change.