Fairbourne Consultation

A public consultation has been launched to address the various challenges the community will face over the coming decades as a result of sea level rises caused by climate change.

Work in this area so far has resulted in a framework document that provides an overview of the progress made by Fairbourne: Moving Forward, and includes five specific plans (Flood Risk Management, People and the Built Environment, Infrastructure Management, Economy & Business Management, Natural Environment Management) which can be taken forward and developed by partner organisations over the coming years subject to funding and leadership from national government.

Before the framework is taken forward, local residents and organisations are urged to present comments and feedback on the plans and to note additional issues which they feel require specific attention.

Please click on the links below to read the background information and fill in the online questionnaire. Paper copies are also available from Fairbourne village stores. The consultation will be open until 22 November 2019.

Fairbourne Preliminary Coastal Adaptation Masterplan

Fairbourne-Fframwaith-ar-gyfer-y-Dyfodol YMGYNGHORIAD FAIRBOURNE
Fairbourne-A-Framwork-for-the-Future FAIRBOURNE CONSULTATION